My Second Fat Li(f)e

June 30, 2008

I walked around exploring the town and within thirty minutes or so I managed to buy my own little home in a project in the outskirts. I found my fridge empty, but made a modest meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner, avoiding the Atkins BBQ Short Ribs and the Atkins Oriental Beef, listed in the menu options. I do not trust diets, especially when they are advertised. I found the nearest grocery store and bought some food. Then I started up a small business – I quickly became the owner of a coffee shop that costed me several hundred dollars. It did not make any money the first day, because while I was wondering what to serve my customers they kept disappearing within 7-10 seconds of waiting at their tables. Well, since business was not doing well, I decided to walk across town and take a look at the cemetery. After a short brisk walk halfway to the other side of town I started panting and had to stop… I guess my age, overweight situation and predisposition to hypertension, all of which I disclosed when signing in, were the reasons for that. Meanwhile, a pink-haired girl quickly passed me by jogging on the sidewalk. Welcome to Fatworld!

It was not me, but my character that was panting on the street and refused to move on for a while, even if I was pressing hard on the buttons that made it walk. Fatworld by Persuasive Games caught my attention and willingess to try it by its focus on nutrition and obesity. An intriguing topic for me! There is not much interaction between the characters in the game, but I came across some clear messages. The structure of the town was divided into poor and upscale communities. Fast food places and diners were to be found closer to the project housing and sit-in fine-dining restaurants were right next to the spacious mansions with back-yard swimming pools. One year in Fatworld is equl to one real-life day. I think I can afford spending more time there to further experience what will become of me in a accelerated mode – will I live or die – with the food/exercise activities I choose for my character.

My Second Life experience is still short-lived. I lingered around on the Orientation Island and the coolest thing were the supernatural abilities of my character – being able to fly or walk on the bottom of the sea. A wonderful feeling of freedom! I spent some time dressing and modeling my avatar and spoke to a couple of confused newcomers like myself. Second Life seems to require a lot of time from one’s Real Life. An amusing typo, applicable to both, made me think of which is more truthful – Second Lie or Real Lie?


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